Sunday, May 2, 2010

well its over (mostly)

from down by the river side: well its over. We finally had our auction yesterday. Told just about everything good bye that wasn't nailed down here on the farm. Had several people ask what I'm going to do now. My response was "keep farming." I guess the only reason to have a sale is to do something different in most people's minds. We saw it as a way to clean house and do a better job at doing what we love to do - farming to help feed the world.

Me and Cranky want to say a special thanks to everyone who helped with the auction, who came and bought stuff and those who just came to visit. We appreciate having you over.
Here's what we did this past week. Mike, Kendrick, Maxton, Daddy and I were all about working the calves. We turned 58 of them loose on the Pickens/Richardson place. Hope they stay out of the wheat! We had to buy a new fence charger and install new ground rods to keep them where they are supposed to be.
Here's Mike givng shots to one of the "Cranky Steers" (he's getting good at that)
here's Maxton checking to see if we need more calves run up the chute.
here's another "shot" of Mike:
here's Kenny checking to see if Mike is staying in line:
And one last thing, here's one of Parker's jokes: "What do you call a bull with no horns?.....A cow!"

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