Sunday, April 11, 2010

looking east

Hello everyone. Do you ever look forward to visiting with someone and then don't know what to say when you are with them. (sorry just got distracted by a wayward piece of toast stranded in the pencil drawer. Hopefully it was Parker's and not mine.) Anyway, back to conversation we were having. Sometimes its just nice to be with someone and not say anything at all. That's what we did last night. Jenn and I took a drive, stopped by mom and dad's and just let the kids run wild around the yard and we just sat and enjoyed the evening.

Thot you might enjoy this pic of Carson & Griffin enjoying suckers from Aunt Keren. After we got home last night, I was feeling a little bit down and out because we drove up by the school where the prom was going on. Made me feel a little old for ma and pa to be driving around with all the kids loaded up in the car. Upon thinking these thoughts, I was changing diapers, putting on PJ's etc. etc. etc. when Parker came knocking on the locked bedroom door. (you may wonder why Jen and I were getting the kids ready for bed with the bedroom door locked. I'll leave that for speculation.) Parker kept knocking and hollering so Jenn finally answered the door. Parker said "the sink in the bathroom is running over!!!" Jen asked "why didn't you shut the water off!!!" as she stepped across the hall already flooding with water and shut off the flow. Parker said "cause I didn't want to get my socks wet!!!" That's when I lost it. Nothing could have been funnier! Try to enjoy the small stuff, its probably the funniest.....even when there is nothing else to say. Keep you sails out. You'll catch a breeze sometime.


mstanford580 said...

haha.. that's the funniest thing i've heard in a while!

mstanford580 said...

Haha.. very funny!