Sunday, July 26, 2009

A week of catching up

Well we've been recovering from the sweltering heat of the past few weeks. Much time this week has been spent working on electric fences for our midsummer cattle endeavors. We've also been busy cleaning up our equipment that we did our field work with. We worked everything at least twice except for the no-til farming we're doing near our house here on the river. The guys have all been busy building electric fences of either the one or two wire variety.

We got about a one inch rain all together early last week. Maybe we'll get a little more this week it looks. We've been starting to sell a little equipment again. Maybe we'll "clean house" and get rid of some extra stuff. Anyone who's interested needs to check the website soon. It'll be updated with some new stuff to sell.

On Thursday, we all banded together - Daddy, Max, Kendrick, Konner, Mike and myself to work our calves. We had a grand total of 40 that got the "works" and then we ear tagged a few of the younger ones that were too young to work. This gave us the opportunity to cull 2 cows. Who were too old and fat to turn back loose.

On Monday, we picked up our first beef from the locker plant that we've home raised in a while. You ought to come by and visit because you'll be in for a treat if you stay for supper.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

deep in the middle

Below: Was that daddy's tractor? says Carson

Below: I was wondering where my hat and showes went that day. Looks like Griffin is the culprit.

Hi everyone. This week (and last week) we've been all about working the ground. Mike, Konner, Kendrick, Dad and myself have been pretty good about taking turns and keeping the wheels turning on the tractor. We've had good luck and not much in the way of breakdowns. Rother Bros. at Clinton has had to make 2 service calls for a tractor problem that keeps reoccuring on the calibration for a transmition shifting problem, but other than that not much problems have gone on. We've been sweeping the ground with sweep plows, then since we've received no rain, we've had to change and deep rip the ground and follow with a sweep plow. On the ground we used the sweep plow on first, we have gone back and deep ripped and sweep plowed again for a stubble mulch affect. This week we are planning on finishing our ripping and sweep plowing work and hooking up to the moldboard to plow up Long Quarter, Huiatt, Lapel and all of the terraces on each farm.