Sunday, May 31, 2009

Growing closer

Hello everyone. We're getting ready for wheat harvest. It seems like two weeks ago I was saying that harvest is about 2-3 weeks away. It still is. And that's a good thing, because the wheat has more time to fill with grain. During this beautiful time of the year, we've been busy with harvest preparations, bermuda grass planting and rye picking. Here's a pic of Mike installing a new chain on the combine header:

Below is a pic of Matt in a tight spot. He was setting up the grain bin extensions for the combine.

Below is the rye picking crew. We've been working about 3 hours a day picking out the rye that tries to grow up over the tops of the wheat. Maybe we'll be finished in about 2 -3 more days. Front Row, r-l: Kendrick Wingard, Konner Kippenberger. Back Row: Philip Barnett, Mitch Cruse, David Barnett, Joel Barnett. In the middle: Megan Barnett.
Below: Case 7110 loader tractor hooked to the Bermuda King sprig digger and trailed by Daddy's own invention - the Sprig Katchall. We use this equipment to dig up bermuda grass sprigs and transplant them to other areas.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

farm update

Above: Here's a pic of the wheat just outside our front door. It looks pretty good considering.

Hi Farmers and those who are interested in ag. We are coming down the home stretch for our wheat crop. It has been a tough year.....flood, drought, greenbugs, hail, freeze and now rust! But we are doing our best and God is doing the rest (which is actually way more than we even imagine). Notice how uneven and thin the wheat is? It has had a lot to face, but its still going to make a crop.
On a lighter note, Parker is playing dressup with a few extras around the house. He's our entertainment around the farm.