Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dry weather on the wheat farm

Hello everyone. Hope this post finds all you doing good. Yesterday, we took a family trip to Woodward, OK to my nephew's birthday party. He's six now and we spent the afternoon at the bowling alley. Kids had a blast. Below is a pic of something.....take a closer look and maybe you can tell what Parker actually took a picture of.

We always observe the crops growing as we drive and boy is it getting dry. The wheat from Thomas to Woodward progressively looked more dry as we drive northwest. Perhaps we should be praying for moisture in what ever form it comes - even ice.
Below: Here's a pic of what's happening with the wheat:

Not much is going on as you can see, but we're hopeful for moisture and the warmer winds of later February and March.
Next up for farm activities is putting down the final application of "N". We'll topdress (like putting the frosting on the cake) with Nitrogen the middle part of February before the big spring green up.
Below: Here's a picture of our trusty Mack Truck waiting on the first load of Nitrogen produced at Enid, OK to arrive.

We'll put down the nitrogen with a big Terragator that spreads the nitrogen across each field.
Below: Here's a picture of the Terragator:

Below: Here's a closeup of the nozzles that do the work.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Winter night prairie thoughts

Hi Farmers at heart. Do you ever just want to give up? I do. I had one of those moments today. Nothing worked and in the midst of trying to fix the barn door, I couldn't even find the tool box that contains all of the allen wrenches. I looked high and I looked low and even in the middle of everything (literally) I couldn't find that wretched box....................................sorry for the delay, but I had to go see if we caught a mouse in one of our 8 mouse traps. YES! we caught the one that has that big long tail. Finally, mama can rest at ease. Now back to the the wrench box that was lost in a sea of tools. It was found where it had apparently come to rest on a mountain of socket wrenches. However, barn door was fixed without anything contained in the allen wrench box because I didn't even need one! All we needed was a pin and a hammer to drive it in with. I guess it pays to look first then hunt tools later. All I'm saying is that I was about to give up before I even tried to see what was required of me. Sometimes I just need to take a breath and relax. Ever see anything cuter than a thirsty baby?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Its all about time

Greetings neighbors down on the farm. There's nothing like bedtime here at the ranch house. Everybody has their bottle, Parker is winding down and mama has her cup of tea. And I have a good book. I'm one of those kinds of people who can not pass up something good to read. If anyone has any book selections that they think are good, sign me up to read it too. Problem is, I've got about four of those selections going right now.

One thing I've been reading a lot about lately is the subject of "farm activism". There are lots of people with lots of ideas. Many of these "activists" think they know how to better care for our land and care for our animals than we do and we're the ones spending time with the crops and livestock each and everyday of the year.

One thing I've noticed in life is that the squeakiest wheel usually gets the grease and I don't just mean its share of grease. I mean it gets all of the grease. These "farm activists" keep pounding away at their ideas and all the time making the general public think that these extreme ideas are main stream.
I'm here to tell you that extreme ideas like "cow gas tax" is starting to get talked about and pretty soon you know it'll be enacted into law just because its the "right" thing to do. All I have to say is that people better wake up and realize that these "farm activists" do not have any one's best interest at heart. They are making lots of noise to get their point across and soon we'll all be paying twice as much as we do now for our food. And you know that's their main point - that they have control over someone else. Bottom line is that control means power and power means that the more we pander to these loud mouths the more power that have.....over you and me.

Believe me no one knows better how to care for crops and livestock better than the American Farmer. We are up to your challenge you wackos.