Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rain falling softly

Hi farmers. Rain today and it is coming down so perfectly. I sure hope we don't get this nice rain and then a big washing rain from the Hurricane churning down in the Gulf. We need days like today here every once in a while.

We have spent all day in the barn working on our newest addition - a CrustBuster 4030 all-plant drill. It is being plumbed for liquid fertilizer and boy is it taking some time. We like to work, but this has been pretty intense today, especially for a rainy Thursday. Maxton says we must be getting some of the humidity from the Gulf with this rain. Now I know the humidity has to be 100% to get rain, but its really warm and sticky and its raining. So, needless to say I'm in the house drying off or up or something like that.

I'm amazed at how still the wind has been. We haven't really had any wind for the entire month of August and now September has been the same way. Its a little dissappointing not to have a little breeze.

We're also having to mow some of our no-til land that we spread some potash on. It needs to be worked into the growing layer of the soil and there is too much straw to do this so hopefully mowing will help. Richard is in charge of this project. And he ought to be getting pretty good at it since he's had to do mowing at every opportunity this summer.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

sunday morning in farm country

"Anybody out there?"

"Now that's a predicament!"

Hello all you farmers at heart. You know you're a farmer at heart if you still like the smell of the air right before or after a good rain. You know you're a farmer at heart if you still like to watch things grow. You know you're a farmer at heart if you still try to see the good in things no matter how upside down things might be in your life.

I just want to take this time to remind you guys to slow down a little. I know we all here in wheat country are gearing up for a spell of wheat drilling, so remember, we all want to see our crops grow up this coming spring. Let's all just be a little more thoughtful and careful.

Items newsworthy this week are that we are spraying all of our no-til and min-til wheat fields with the final application of RT III. This will help us control any remaining wheat that has come up voluntarily from the left overs of harvest, also any other invaders such as weeds that can weather the winter and other grasses that try to take over our fields. We are making preparations now to be seeding in about two more weeks - depending upon the rain from Hurricane Ike. We got basically nothing from hurricane Gustav last week - just a few cloudy foggy days.

It seems like fall has really come to the farm during this past week. We usually change seasons drastically here on the western Oklahoma prairie and this change is no exception. Well, farmers, there's nothing better than a hot cup of joe and a room full of babies on a beautiful, slow as molases, Sunday morning on the farm.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Anyone out there?

Hello farmers. We have been busy working that ground I told you about. I think that we'll have to help our local Wheeler Brothers spread some of that fertlizer that we hired them to do since their machine has gone down for a while. So...if there are any of you out there let's hear from you on the comments!