Monday, October 13, 2008

Almost finished....

Well today farmers we could have finished with the wheat planting, but thankfully it has rained near half an inch. The green wheat here on the prairie sure looks splendid and is it ever growing. We'll be thinking about the wheat pasture before long. However, the cows must wait for 45 days to graze due to us treating our seed wheat with a chemical that keeps fungus and insects at bay. The chemical is called Gaucho XT and we heartily recommend it. We have not had any problem with fall army worms and I've seen the neighbors to the north having to spray for them already.

When we do get to plant again, we only have about 50 acres to go. We'll also have to re-seed about 40 acres due to wild hog problems. These things are really multiplying around here and they root the wheat up looking for grub worms. Hopefully we'll get them in check soon. The only way to get rid of them is to either hunt or trap them. We caught 3 of them earlier in the summer in a home made trap. My brother-in-law, Mike Taylor, made it and we'll have to start using it again.

We'll keep up the good work and you do the same.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Keeping the wheels turning

Hello you humble farmers. We've been busy planting the wheat. It has been going very good and we are well over halfway finished. Hopefully, we'll be drawing it to a close this week. So far we have planted everything into moisture which is pretty hard to do sometimes in this part of the country. This evening we are even looking for a gentle rain which will help the wheat to come up. The biggest problem we had was with a fertlizer tank that sprung a leak during the night! We'll fix its wagon sooner or later. Also, the John Deere 4450 for some reason decided to get a sticky thermostat. We thought it was fixed by Michael the Deere mechanic, but Saturday after lunch it started over heating again. Aye, we had to go get one of our Case IH Steiger STX325's that was resting in the barn. We'll finish planting with it and with our trusty Case IH 9240. Both Crustbuster all-plant 4030's have performed flawlessly. Much thanks to our mechanic James Lindsey on their regard. We'll that's about it. Two weeks in a nutshell.