Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rex loading the spinner truck with ag-lime
Back of the Tyler Spinner Truck "where the action takes place"

Rex in the Case IH 7110 loader tractor loading lime from where the truck dumped it.

Greetings again Farmers. Well since we last talked, we have finished spreading all of the ag-lime as of yesterday! I've attached that picture I told you about on the post of the big-wheel spinner truck we used to spread the lime.

Now here on the farm, we've moved on to other things like working the ground to get the ag-lime mixed in with the soil. I think we'll use the sweep plow to help kill the volunteer wheat that the round-up won't kill and then just use a mulch treader on the rest.

We'll also use a mulch treader to work in some fertilizer that we have hired the local Wheeler Brothers Grain Co. to spread for us. We needed their help because we are running out of time to get everything done before we plant wheat. The fertlizer they'll be spreading for is mostly a potassium base with some nitrogen to be used too. To help activate the fertilizer we'll run the mulch treader over that land too. I'll show you some pictures this week when we get the tractors hooked up to the implements.

Brother-in-laws Richard Palmer and Mike Taylor have also been busy this past week getting all of the seed wheat here. We now have all of our varieties here and ready to plant except for one more smaller truck load that needs to come in soon. We'll plant Jagger, Endurance, Bullet, Duster and Custer. These are all varieties that are well suited for the western Oklahoma prairie land that we are smack dab in the middle of.

I am reminded by this afternoon's balmy breeze that we might be looking at the calm before the storm because that Gustuv storm in the Gulf might be blowing in pretty soon. Our prayers are sure with the Gulf Coast residents who are facing land fall tomorrow. We've had the remnants of hurricanes here before and I'll keep you posted on any weather that comes our way. Until then, keep on the upwind side of the tractor dust.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Beautiful days

Parker Payne aka Daddy's Helper
Hi Farmers! We've been having some exceptionally beautiful weather here at the farm. Most years this month is exceptionally hot and dry but not now. We've had great moisture and cool mornings and just almost hot afternoons. Parker our 3 year old has been really interested in "helping" here lately. He often asks "Can I help you, Daddy?" I let him come out with me a lot of times. How could I ask for more? Children are certainly a precious gift from the Lord. In other farm news, we've been trying to get some ag-lime spread on the Miller place, Kaiser farm and the Long 1/4. Hopefully this week's weather will bode well for getting this project completed. Ag-lime is a product we apply to the soil to help increase the pH level of the soil. Ag-lime is a product made up simply of ground up rock that is normally put on roads. We spread it on with a big wheel fertilizer spreader. I'll take a pic today and let you see the operation.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rain, rain and more rain!

Well hello farmers. We have certainly had our share of rainy weather these past few days. Much of the farm is completely soaked which is very, very good. This rain is giving us a little extra time to do some work in the shed which helps us to catch up on maintenance. My brother-in-law Richard was out yesterday hauling wheat. He took a big load to the eastern side of Oklahoma then hauled a small load of certified seed wheat back home. He was gone from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm. Not sure he'll be good for much today. If I were him, I'ld sleep in a little this morning. Thanks for the big help yesterday Rich. Some people say, "I'ld rather be fishing." Well, for me I'ld rather be farming!

Monday, August 18, 2008


getting ready to drill a little wheat!

Hello Farmers! Lately here on the farm we've been soaking up some much needed rain. Seems like the weather pattern has switched from hot and dry to cloudy, cool and rainy. All this much needed rain has helped soak up the soil just in time for wheat planting. We've been trying to spread some ag-lime which is really just powderized road rock that helps with soil acidity due to fertilizer usage. Its been a little too wet to get this done and the weeds are sure trying to grow. Since school has started back, we've had a lot less help down on the farm this past week. Hopefully we'll get all of the work done soon .) See you later farmers.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

eternal summer

Well farmers, does it ever seem like summer is headed into fall and you don't even know where summer has gone? Well it sure does for me. It was in the cow shed looking at a new calf a while ago and it hit me that I haven't really even enjoyed summer yet and its almost over. August is half over and my favorite month of June was no more over six weeks ago! Wow time flies. I think it all kind of hit home this week since school started on Monday morning. Parker has gone back to the baby sitter and I'm making preparations to plant some wheat. Times they are a changing.

Friday, August 1, 2008

On the Go!

Picture - Rick dumping wheat on the go from the combine to the Richard's grain cart.
Well hello farmers. We've been on the go here lately working the ground, spraying for weeds and tending the mama cows. Not any rain to speak of since before harvest ended. And is it ever hot! It's over 100 right now in the shade. Hopefully it'll cool off before much longer. Hang in there farmers - the dog days of summer are fixing to turn into those beautiful fall days just right for wheat planting. Can you hardly wait? The mornings are getting to be covered in that heavy dew that accompanies the wee hours of late summer early mornings. What more could one ask for than to sit back, have a cup of hot coffee and enjoy the view down on the farm!