Tuesday, December 9, 2008

brrr....cold day on the farm

Hello all. We are suffering a pretty cold snow flurry today. We weened 48 good black calves yesterday. Today, they're doing pretty good eating their feed. Thanks to Terry Murphy with Moormans Feed and Amos Yoder and his good leafy alfalfa. The mama cows got out on the river bottom bermuda grass late yesterday afternoon. We just let them stay out on the grass and no-tilled wheat that is coming up pretty nicely. They all seem to be doing pretty good today too. Maybe they are relieved at not having to feed their babies in this cold weather and are content to let us do it. Here's a picture of outside today. Notice how crazy the lawn furniture is positioned. Just think last night I would have been able to sit out there and enjoy 60 degree temps. But due to the wind I stayed inside. Today its still windy. But its a little colder - about 24 degrees. Not much of a big deal here on the Oklahoma prairie. The other picture is of Gretta in her dog house. She got a nice bed of hay for the colder temps.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ebb and flow

Hi there farmers. Well its official. December is here in farm country. Its a time of putting out hay, checking the cows and working on fences. At least it is here on our farm anyway. Today, I think we'll haul in some extra hay that our neighbor RL Dalrymple sold to us back a while ago and work on a fence to keep our youngest set of heifers down on Bear Creek. These heifers are sure nice as you can tell by the picture. Also, I've added that picture of the dirty sprayer I was telling you about last week. Sure need to get it cleaned up. Gotta go for now, good talking to you.