Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring has Sprung

From all of us at the farm headquarters: I think we've officially kicked off spring with bang. This picture was taken by a "storm chaser" out by Hammon back on Monday.

We've been busy this past week on the farm. It seems the weather plays havoc with the schedule board so I'm just going to pencil in "BUSY" everyday for everyone. How's that? We've been moving our electric fences to keep the cows off the wheat that we want to save for grain harvest and keep the cows where they are supposed to be. Not an easy task with green lush wheat on the other side of the fence from you no matter how much those cows mind and listen;)

Now on with something very newsworthy:

Mike Sigg has Officially been here with us as our friend and co-worker for 1 whole year!

In other news we (rick, jenn, parker, preston, griffin, carson, and claire) all took a trip to Jenks to see the Oklahoma Aquarium. We went with Jenn's brother Jason and his wife Amy and their 2 kids (William & Alex) Wow, we were impressed. Never before had the kids or us parents seen such great exhibits. We then went for nap time up to the Port of Catoosa. That's where we get to sell some wheat from time to time. After that we checked into the Holiday Inn, complete with swimming pool and trampoline (our bed unfortunately). Griffin complained that he didn't know any better because he had never seen such a big bed.
For supper that night we went to Incredible Pizza. It certainly lived up to its name and we had a blast.
After getting up and enjoying the breakfast at the motel, we headed out west towards Enid. We stopped by Leonardo's Discovery Warehouse. I have never seen such an extensive outdoor jungle gym, maze or whatever you would call that structure. I would have played longer myself. Inside Leonardo's Warehouse we played for a long time too by going "shopping", playing "dress up" and painting masterpieces. Well worth every penny! After getting buckled back in the car, all the kiddies needed a nap and Jenn and I had a great visit on the ride back to home base. Safe!

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